Purple Martins of Plum Island – June 15, 2014 Update

Purple Martins of Plum Island – June 15, 2014 Update

Dear 2014 Purple Martin Supporters,

Earlier this season, we mounted three Purple Martin decoys on the arms of the gourd rack at Lot #1 at Parker River NWR.  These 
decoys aided us by attracting migrating martins.  Martins prefer the company of other martins at their breeding sites.  These life-size 
decoys gave the appearance that this site was colonized.  These decoys are highly-detailed at 7″ long and weighing 1.5 oz.  

I purchased the decoys from the Purple Martin Conservation Association [PMCA].  PMCA is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization dedicated 
to the conservation of Purple Martins through scientific research, state of the art management techniques and public education, with 
the end goal of increasing martin populations throughout North America.

The Tree Swallows that had been active at the gourd rack have moved on.   The Red-tailed Hawk that had been present at Lot #1 has broadened its territory and hasn’t been seen hanging out on the building.  We now have Purple Martins busy with nesting activities  
at Lot #1!  Yesterday evening, I discovered the first egg prior to leading a Newburyport Birders’ evening walk.

The Purple Martins  at the colony at the North End of the island are incubating eggs!

Newbury’s Lynette Leka is shadowing me again this breeding season – I so look forward to her assistance. 

Once we have young in the nests, I’ll be sending an email invitation to an open gourd visit.

Thanks for supporting this human-dependent songbird!
Warm regards,