Newburyport Birders Reviews

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your newsletter. It’s packed with such wonderful information – the Peterson book I ordered, the Massachusetts ornithologist, and the birdwatching tips from the Cornell folks. Such helpful information and fabulous reading! The articles on Rachel Carson and the treaty are excellent, as well. Her book was one of several life changing books I read back in the 70s. It opened my eyes and changed the trajectory I was on at the time, becoming a quiet advocate for organic gardening/living and have remained committed ever since.”

“As always, last night was fun and instructive.”

“Hadley, Benjamin, and I had the best time birding with you! Thank you so much!
Birding with you was so wonderful for the kids – and it was also fantastic for me!”

“…want to thank you for a spectacular evening last night. Seeing the egrets, eastern kingbirds, ospreys, Baltimore Oriole, nighthawks and, of course, the woodcocks was absolutely thrilling. The best part is that we needn’t travel far to witness the wonders of nature!”

“Thank you Sue: That’s a wonderful piece and I appreciate your sharing it.”


“Thanks, Sue! We had a good walk today!”


“Hi Sue, Thank you for getting back with me so quickly. I very much appreciated your greenhead advice. Had a wonderful morning birding on Plum Island. Light clothing seemed to do the trick.Thank you and Happy Birding and thank you for all that you do for the birds in this area.”


“Thanks Sue! Really enjoyed meeting you and Im sure Ill be back again soon for more photography.”


“Thanks, Sue, for another educational, entertaining, and (at times) enthralling tour on the refuge this morning. You never cease to win over more fans with your “bird-banter”, which is nonpareil. Everyone loved it. But you also do such a great job imparting the very serious mission of the FWS (and the hunters and clammers) Clearly, your expertise goes well beyond birds – you’ve got such a grasp on the Whole Picture. You really do give back.”


“Thank you again for the referral.”


“Hi Sue, We had a great time this morning. The weather couldn’t have been better for some time outside, but more importantly, we loved watching, hearing, and hearing all about the birds we saw with you. It was a great reminder that sometimes you really have to take a moment to stop look and listen to what’s around you. Wonders keep unfolding! Today was well worth waiting for… Thanks again”


“…as usual, colorfully written. Thank you much.”


“Many thanks for all of your advice and help prior to my trip, it made it much more successful and comfortable (I managed to avoid the worst of the insects although the greenheads on the beach gave a good nip!).”


“Thank you very much, Sue! These resources have been extremely helpful! Much appreciated!”


“Thank you again for two wonderful birding programs. Hope to do another time permitting…”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the walk and always appreciate learning a little more each and every time I go birding.”


“Sue, I love your teaching style!!”


” I love to read that monthly letter you send out; it keeps me inspired to keep birding!”


“It was another great day in the field with you as usual. The beautiful view of the “gray ghost” was probably my fave.”


“Thanks for your devotion and hard work, Sue.”


“I don’t get to Plum too often but always enjoy seeing the martins when they are in residence. Thanks for keeping them coming!”


“Thanks, Sue, for a great day! All four of us got just what we were hoping for. Thanks for doing what you do, and for doing it so well.”


“It was a great day for birding. We both had fun and look forward to doing it again in the future. You have such a wealth of knowledge – thank you for sharing it with us!”


“I did want to let you know about the unrestrained positive feelings in our car, from start to finish, about your leading abilities and personal traits! I did not in any way instigate, but obviously reinforced. The feelings and assessment were: -you are so well informed, and patient and take the time to appreciate (without letting it become draggy) -you talk about the whole habitat, behaviors, the context, not only about well youve seen this sought after one -even if there are no/few birds, you always fill in effortlessly (I know from experience in another field exactly how effortless this is) with interesting background and related material, and keep teaching and creating excitement -you obviously love your work -its not a rush from place to place and bird to bird like many other guided trips. -the people in our car were struck by your generous, informed approach to birding, and it made them feel good to be there.”


“Thanks for an informative and fun morning.”


“It was great seeing you again and we look forward to doing it again soon.”


“Thank you for sharing your time with us on Plum Island.”


“I enjoyed it. Learned a lot about gulls, other birds and the area. And thanks for the id tip on the harriers, saw one the next day at Plum Island.”


“Thank you Sue for your speedy and informative reply, that was very thoughtful, I appreciate your time…”


“I really enjoyed the outing yesterday. Virginia Rail was a life bird for me… Also, I had never seen Kingfishers that close before – another highlight for me. As always, I appreciate how much you teach us on those walks!!”


“Congratulations on a good year!”


“Bird walk last was lovely – and I didn’t even have a chance to ask the interns what they thought, as soon as we were in the car they both said how terrific you were; they especially appreciated your teaching, how easy it was to hear and understand you, and the pace of waiting in each area for what might come along…”


“Good work, landlord! You midwifed 45 new songbirds :-)”


“I really enjoyed the walk the other evening, as ever.”


” I love your narrative emails!”


“Thank you Sue for all the time you put in to so lovingly take care of and watch over our beautiful Purple Martins at Parker River! Hope all is well with you!”


“Mazel Tov! with a big thank you to the [martin] landlord…”


“We really appreciated the event and learned a lot. I especially liked seeing the wild rice, the variety of birds that we saw and meeting the fellows from Belize. I was glad to get the report on the absence of nighthawks although I would have been happy to see the Woodcock.”


“Wonderful news, Suethanks for all you do for the Martins!”


“Thanks so much Sue! I didn’t mean for you to go to so much effort, but these are very helpful hints.”


“Great morning and wonderful spot.”


“It was a pleasure meeting and birding with you! I’m sure you will be seeing me again!”


“Thank you for the leading our birding adventure on Lake Attitash. It was a delightful experience.”


“Thank you again for your wonderful commentary yesterday. I will never paddle in Back River again just looking down for invasive weeds. I’ll look up, and always bring my binoculars. Thanks for opening my eyes … and ears!!”


“A great time was had by all on Saturday, I’d say! Thank you for your knowledge and wisdom.”


“As usual, it was an honor and delight to have you lead the group through a morning on the dike… You have a very special way with expressing your respect for all of nature, and particularly your avian specialties.”


“Thanks for the dike trip. You were great…”


“Such fun. My favorite was the savannah sparrow taking a dip at the last….I so enjoy your trips, and your approach to birds and their surroundings. A lesson in harmony, them and their habitat, and you and the birds!”


“Thanks again for all of the info and for the great tours. I’m hoping to come out with you again soon!”


“Thanks so much! They all had a great time with you!”


“We had a rewarding, fun and informative visit with you and the “birdlands” once again! We sat out on our back porch this morning and continued the lust for the winged creatures!”


“Thank you so much for this, Sue. This is great information, based on your close observations.”


“Wonderful essay! Do you publish in birder or natural history magazines? ”


“You are a highlight of Massbird–thank you. :)”


“Many thanks for your knowledge and wisdom.”


“I enjoyed our birdwatching walk last Sunday. Hope to go out with you, again, in the near future.”


“Anyhow, just wanted to say too how much Betsy and I enjoyed our time last Saturday AM…”


“Shane and I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s outing with you. Keep us posted regarding future possibilities please!”


“I really enjoyed the walk – I’ll be joining you again sometime!”


“Thanks, we appreciated your welcoming demeanor!”


“Our day was delightful! Thanks for the personable and relaxed pace.”


“Sue’s calm demeanor and sense of humor made for a great time. We saw so much in just three hours.”


“Sue us excellent at getting people on the bird! Sue said look at the wires ahead for a kestrel and bingo, we had two a male & a female!”


“We were told we could see the woodcocks at around 7:30pm. We arrived at the site, and at 7:30, the show started, and we heard the “peent” of a woodcock. Sue got us on the birds, and we had fantastic looks.”


“That homemade trail mix and fresh fruit were perfect snacks. Thanks for the hospitality!”


Sue worked hard scouting for several lifers for us! She started each day with our needs in mind! We had much more than we anticipated given the weather!”


“The relaxed pace and long looks at birds made for a great family outing.”


“We wanted to see a Bald Eagle and contacted Sue. We met her and within minutes she had three in her scope. They were of differing ages and plumage. We were thrilled to see an adult bird. It took flight too!!”


“Had a great time yesterday – – the eagle sightings were way beyond what I expected.”


“Thanks so much for leading the trip and sharing your knowledge about the birds and the ecology of the area.”


“We had a great time. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.”


“If I haven’t ever said it, thanks for all you taught me. I love knowing about this stuff.”


Thank you Sue for taking the time to point that American Woodcock out to me.”


“Thank you!! Wonderful account… especially for an intermediate birder such as I.”


“Great article, Sue!”


“Having enjoyed your many postings on Massbird, I feel that I would be remiss if another day goes by without acknowledging how much I, for one, appreciate the sharing of your vast birding knowledge with our community. I marvel at how you express even the most involved details with such clarity and fluidity that captivates the mind. Most notably are the ones about the Common Redpoll, and the fascinating lore about the “Bird’s Nest, Fruitcake, Mistletoe, etc, among many others too numerous to mention. This charming way of expression is informative and most certainly a gift to us all, so thank you!”


“Thanks for this insightful information.”


“…thank you for a great walk! It’s amazing to me how much we all learn when out birding with you. It was such a nice group of people and a very enjoyable morning.”


“Thanks for yesterday’s outing with Doug. It was marvelous! Thanks also for providing those amazing brownies, afterwards.”


“Thanks– It was a great day… You have such a gift for bringing excitement to what we typically might consider ordinary. A born educator, with passion!”


“I heard nothing but great things about your recent tour. Thanks very much for sharing your magic…!”


“…what a gorgeous, awe-imspiring, goose-bumpy, absolutely perfect film – thanks so much for sending the link!”


“Quinn and I would like to thank you for a most enjoyable walk today. It was the perfect way to start the New Year! Chilly at times but a truly beautiful New England winter’s day. On the way home Quinn said that today was “amazing” because “I saw 5 life birds and met 4 new friends”. Thanks again to you and all the wonderful ladies for sharing, Quinn loved every minute of it.”


“Thank you! I had 3 life birds yesterday and felt it was very successful for us.”


“Thanks again for a fun and informative day.”


“Thanks for a great bird tour and also for the photo.”

“My wife and I were on Doug’s walk this morning and we enjoyed it immensely.”


“Thanks for leading yesterday’s refuge bus tour; it was delightful! It was a perfect morning, of birds, learning, pleasant camaraderie, and beautiful scenery.”


“It was so nice to join a group of friendly people and not feel like an outsider. “Thank you Sue for putting together this morning’s bird walk with Doug Chickering.”


“Thanks so much for leading us yesterday! It was great being guided by someone so knowledgeable. We had a blast.”


“What a fabulous bird! Thank you, again.”


“We so enjoyed our time with you! The Yellow-breasted Chat was such a bright yellow. Thank you!!”


“This is wonderful Sue. Thank you very much for the report. May they all live well and prosper.”


“I really appreciated the gift of teaching me those keys to differentiate similar species.”


“It was a very nice group and a well organized trip – A+! Many thanks!”


“Sue, thank you for the information & the lovely day of birding.”


“Sue, you were delightful to be with in the field! Your warmth and interest in us was evident.”


“We so enjoyed your tour and we will join you again. Please keep me advised of your future tours.”


“Outstanding success and report. Best to you for all you dedicated hard work.”


“This morning was really great although a bit hot towards the end. At least the birds were cooperative. I hope to make it to a few more meetings this Fall…”


There’s a palpable joy when Sue is leading the tour all while attentive to our comfort and safety.” We took breaks at the right times. Best private tour we’ve ever been on!”


“Thanks so much Sue. We did learn a lot and were fine once hydrated in an air conditioned restaurant! We hope to explore the north shore birding further and take advantage of more learning opportunities. Thank you again…”


“Sue is endlessly patient, and highly skilled at considerately managed our group.”


“Newburyport Birders is patient and encouraging to new birders. We received enough information about the birds. Sue is attentive to the whole group. A well planned outing!”


Sue does it well! Her ease in the field shows her experience and it’s a pleasure to bird with her!”


“Both Sue and Paula were enthusiastic, kind and very knowledgeable.” They’re a fantastic duo in the field!”


“Newburyport Birders is always thinking ahead for the good of the group. Those Whip-poor-wills were a nice night-cap after a delightful evening with you. Thanks so much!”


“I really enjoyed your prose in this newsletter. Not only are you a great teacher and birder, you are an interesting and instructive writer. The Greenhead paragraphs made me feel as though I was being stung. I remember one July day I saw a Glossy Ibis for the first time at Plum Island..they are so easily identified even without a guide. I was swatting and watching, swatting and watching. More swat than watch! Your birding walks look so interesting…”


“This is very informative, Sue. Thank you.”


“Thanks Sue for your efforts.”


“Thanks for following through on this and for providing some context.”


“Great news, great follow-through.”


“We loved last night. Thank you for all you do.”


“Thank you for the update – this is very good news – happy to hear they’re doing the draw down!”


“Well done. Thank you very much.”


“Thank you, Sue.”


“I saw your post … and was able to get some very good looks at the bird. Thanks again!”


“Many thanks, Sue, for all the additional information about the stilts… one of the many things that makes your postings so much more worth reading than many 🙂 ”


“Thanks for sharing that Bald Eagle with us! We were focused on the grassland birds and never saw that bird of prey.” You’re the best! ”


“Thank you for taking the time to share those meadowlarks with us!”


“…thanks for the recommendation and your good wishes.”


“Thanks for the bird ID. Glad I wasn’t far off…”


“Thanks so much, Sue, for these wonderful follow-ups to a delightful day yesterday.”


“WOW, Thank you Sue for all the great information. We are very excited about our trip to Plum Island.”


“I never would have had the woodpecker “vibe” without our walk in W. Newbury…, where we spent so much time talking and thinking about and inspecting the traces of Pileated Woodpeckers!”


“thanks again for your continued attention to my (and through me) tom’s gradual improvement, and certainly our avidity”


“Sue, thanks for a great article.”


“Another beautiful post. Thank you. :)”


“Thanks for the summary. Seeing this list reinforces what a great morning it was. As always, birding with you is fun, informative and productive. We look forward to many more!”


“We all had another wonderful day with you! Thanks so much for your vast knowledge of birds, habitat, land and the environment – we always learn lots of new facts from you! Your patient, leisurely pace suits us well!”


“Thanks so much, Sue!”


“Thank you again for guiding us to another excellent visit to the area.”


” I so enjoy your full reports of birding trips…full of information.”


“The residents LOVED the tour, I heard they saw a Snowy Owl at the end of the day, what a treat!! Thanks again, I’d love to do it again in the future.”


“This was great – thank you. :)”


“Sue, that’s one of the best messages you’ve ever written! I love it!”


“What a lovely experience!”


“I love to read your posts as well, always so informative and interesting…”


“I enjoyed your intelligent, caring and good humored company. I learned so much!”


“I just finished reading your newsletter. It was very interesting! And I love the interactive poster…”


“Read your article that was in the paper last week… Well done!”


“Thanks for your continued efforts in sharing your knowledge of birding. Loved the Snowy Owl slide show to the Bolero music!”


“Thanks for always being attentive to my needs in the field.”


“I love reading your reports especially when I can’t join you.”


“Thank you, Sue! We had a wonderful time and really enjoyed ourselves. Hope to see you on another tour!”


“Thanks, Sue! It was really fun and I learned so much!”


“You know the Bald Eagle’s habits so well! Thanks for an outstanding tour!”


“Thoroughly enjoyed! Thank you.”


“You were kind enough to help with some info regarding my forthcoming birding trip to New England…”


“Sue, thanks for taking the time to teach us how to use our binoculars & scope!”


“Thanks Sue – makes me smile :)…”


“Thanks Sue! We had a great time on Sunday. Exciting and informative as always. We look forward to future events!”


“Thank you for the list Sue!”


“Birding with the dream team of both you and Paul Roberts should be awesome!”


“Thank you for a very informative day… as always…”


“Yesterday was a fantastic day I enjoyed it more than I can put into words. Thank you again for yesterday and this article I appreciate it.”


“I so enjoyed the outing yesterday. Charlotte and I both talked a lot about what we saw and learned. Thanks so much for your informative email about the Northern Shrike – I feel very fortunate to have seen this bird with you… Looking forward to more birding.”


“It was nice running into you at the reservation recently – thanks to you we enjoyed a spotting we would have otherwise missed!”


“Thanks so much for the shrike information… I was very impressed with this beautiful bird, n0t only for its plumage, but for its raptorial traits! Interesting that it behaves so much like one… Thanks for a memorable day in the field.”


“…thanks for the follow-up on yesterday’s trip! It was exhilarating to see all those beautiful birds, and so great to be able to ask any question that crossed my mind, and to have it be expertly answered by you, Paul, or another member of the group! I hope to join you again soon.”


“Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful field trip on Saturday!! I saw and learned so much….you always put together a great program and I love how you follow up with notes!”


“Thank you for sending me this essay. I enjoyed reading it after seeing that wonderful shrike on our outing recently. What a day that was! Thanks for all you do!”


“You are truly gifted…”


“Loved learning about the valisneria connection, thanks for posting that!”


“We’re all the better for what you do – and how you do what you do.”


“It was a great weekend, and the weather was the best. Thanks!!!”


“I was just reading your very informative post about Shrikes, which I also love. Thanks so much!”


“Kudos for your recent Northern Shrike posting on Massbird! I read it with great interest, and have gained a new realization that these birds are unique and have some fascinating characteristics.


“Your conversation with Dr. Yosef was a good opportunity to gain more insight regarding this predator, and I thank you for sharing your knowledge with the birding community. So much to learn, so little time…..”


“I always learn so much from your posts, Sue. Thank you.”


“Thank you for all you do to encourage young birders! My son so enjoys keeping in touch with you.”


“what a wonderful description of one of our favorite ducks… thank you…”


“…my goodness, you have been busy with the research and writing – thank you, as usual, for all the interesting and valuable information!”


“A wonderful, stirring description of buffleheads, one of our favorites too…”


“Nice write up. Lots of good info!”


“Thanks for your beautifully phrased description of the Red-throated Loon.”


“Beautifully written article about the buffleheads, Sue!”


“…we have finally warmed up and we are still glowing over the new species we saw with you yesterday as well as the numerous snowy owls. Birding with you is ALWAYS an amazing experience.”


“Thank you again for a wonderful birding outing! Loved every minute of it!! It was such a pleasure spending time with you today and learning so much in just a couple of hours.”


“Thank you for all that you do…”


“…nice meeting you in person this morning.”


“Good morning, Sue. Thank you so much for your guidance. We’re enjoying our visit.”


“Thank you for this wonderful newsletter.”


“Thanks, Sue! Happy birding!”


“Enjoyed our day — see you soon!”


“As an Activities Director with Enriching Kids, One of the big projects we’re working on at the moment is putting together a few trips for Birdwatching. Our team is pulling together a tips and planning guide and I wanted to let you know that has been such a great help for us! Thank you for your work on it.”


“I just visited your lovely area so now when I get your eNotes I can picture exactly where your bird walks are. I wish I lived closer so that I could go, but I”m there in spirit.”


“We had a great time last night; maybe I’ll hear them again sometime”


“Neat adaptation to the lunar cycle.. Thanks again, great birthday!”


“Many thanks for the wonderful outing!”


“We loved birding with you – see you on Sunday!”


“Thank you for the detailed newsletter. It was very informative!”


“Wonderful information – thank you! My son is already asking to go out again tomorrow to see what else we can see :-)”


“WOW! What a wonderful evening. Thank you! You always teach me so much Sue. I so appreciate it.”


“I thought that you were likely involved – as you so often take on these environmental challenges!”


“Your newsletter is so full of information. We truly enjoyed it. We had read about the puffins demise. can hardly believe it.”


“Thanks for your wonderful report and the terrific photos.”


“Great time last night – looking forward to this weekend… ”


“I enjoyed this walk… And the wine tasting was a lovely addition.”


“…when our students returned from the barge ride on the Merrimack River. I could not get over how excited they were with what they learned and saw. We can’t thank you enough for giving our students such a rich experience. They rarely have opportunities to experience something like this and the memory of the day on the barge with you and their peers will stay with them forever. Once again thank you for making this happen!”


“Sue – Just wanted to tell you how lucky I feel to have crossed paths with your group yesterday at the Piping Plover/Least Tern area. Your level of knowledge and willingness to share certainly helped make my time on Plum a wonderful experience.”


“Keep up with all your good work!!”


“Hi Sue, It was very nice meeting you at Sandy Point on Saturday. I’ve always enjoyed your Massbird postings. ”


“Thanks for the compliment, Sue.” “Thank you for the wonderful walk yesterday!!!” “The summary was terrific…until you look at the list, hard to believe that we saw all of that!! Kept my book out ’til last evening so I could show Tom and Jenn the picture of the stilt!! That was great, but so awesome seeing the nesting Least Terns, and plovers!!!” “a truly beautiful experience – thank you for your leadership in alerting folks to the importance of those fields…”


“We all had a wonderful birding adventure! Thanks so much for all your knowledge, skill, patience and interest!”


“I continue to thoroughly enjoy your posts and observations.”


“Thanks for a wonderful morning and a great write up and list of what transpired I really enjoyed it.”


“This was great fun…I really enjoyed it…both in terms of exploring a new area and getting a “fix” of warblers which I really hadn’t yet this year.”


“There are few who work so hard yet maintain such a great sense of humor and generosity of spirit. Sue McGrath, you make it look easy!


“Bless your heart. ”


“They had a great morning. A special time for a grandfather and grandson….. And so much appreciated.”


“Thank you, Sue. In just our short chat, I learned a lot from you! It’s easy to see that you are passionate about what you do (hardly makes it seem like work when one feels that way).”


“I enjoyed the informative e-mail. I especially appreciate your piece on Saving the Forests for Birds. Thank you for spreading the word!”


” I hadn’t read the WOT article, so thanks very very much! Thanks for this wonderful post.”


“Had a great time yesterday. Was great to see the Short eared Owl and the Piping Plovers.”


“Thanks so much for the information Sue.”


“I had a great time, thank you so much for a wonderful Sunday.”


“I love the education I’m getting from your posts, as well as the opportunity to see such beautiful birds and places.”


“What a lovely description of this rite of spring….for woodcock and for birders :-)”


“That was a lovely and informative post. Thank you.”


“Sue: So glad I decided to come tonight.”


“I enjoy reading your informative Massbird posts and detailed descriptions of your bird walks. I especially enjoyed reading your recent woodcock ramble on Plum Island. ”


“… looking forward to the next workshop.”


“What a thrilling evening, Sue! Thank YOU so much. I appreciate how you present/lead your programs. Your introductions are most helpful and deepen our knowledge, thus enjoyment of what we see and hear later in the field. I appreciated your patience with me, Sue. ”


“Sue: Thank you ever so much for today. I took over 125 photos.”


“Thank you so much for the great walk on Sunday!!! You always make it so interesting!! Such a wonderful treat to have seen the Short-eared Owl and those plovers. You just have so much information!!”


“Wanted to say thanks for another informative post (Red-throated Loon, NH list-serv, from a recent jaunt along our brief coast-line). It is easy to enjoy and learn from your acquired knowledge and postings, but it is a bit too easy in the anonymity of being on-line not to acknowledge or give kudos. You have a great voice in your list-serv offerings, and I just want to say that I appreciate them and am a fan.”


“Very nice post on RELO; informative and entertaining as usual.”


“The piping plovers were a real treat! An eventful St Pat’s day walk!”


“I wanted to tell you what a great help your site has been for us. A middle school boy I’m tutoring found your page while researching for his Sounds of Spring project and I just had to tell you! Thank you for helping him come out of his shell…”


“I love your posts so much. Thank you for the time and thought you put into them.”


“What a great birthday present….Sue- you never disappoint nor do your feathered friends! looking forward to more and more…”


“Happy New Year! Thank you for the tips on MassBird. I enjoy following your posts there too.”


“Great essay, Sue! Very well written!”


“I had a wonderful time on Saturday. Looking forward to my next adventure with you.”


“I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed it and have spread the word about your trips to my veterinary, and other, friends.”


“Thanks for another great birding experience. ”


“A birdwatching tour with Sue isn’t just fun, it’s educational too!”


“Thank you for a great program today.”


“Thanks so much for our tour yesterday, I really appreciated your knowledge and love of the outdoors and nature. Great Bald Eagle sightings and all the other birds and ducks that we saw. Now they have names…”


“Sue was absolutely delightful!” She was very enthusiastic, concerned that everyone saw the birds and shared interesting info n each bird we saw.”


“Thanks for posting the great info to Massbird!”


“I much appreciate your thoughtful analysis of the poem.”


“Sue, I am a big fan of your posts to the list.”


“Thanks very much Sue. A fascinating and informative afternoon. You did a fabulous job entertaining and educating us in delightful fashion.”


“By the way, I really enjoy your “species profile” posts on Massbird. I (and my kids) have learned a ton from them, and they are really a joy to read. ”


“Thank you for an awesome day! it was my first time ‘birding’ in a formal group, and I loved it.”


“In any case, thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and passion for wildlife with everyone!”


“My overall Bald eagle experience was absolutely fantastic! The entire outing from start to finish exceeded my expectations.”


“Thank you. You are awesome!!!!”


“We thoroughly enjoyed the day with you…”


“Fascinating and informative, Sue. Thanks…”


“John and I had a lot of fun on Saturday. We have been looking for birds ever since and are keeping the binoculars out instead of tucked away in storage.”


“Thanks for the trip and I’ll look forward to doing it again sometime. I always learn something new.”


“It was a great day.”


“Thanks for taking me eagle watching yesterday. I really enjoyed spending time with you and seeing the eagles.”


“I always enjoy your posts.”


“…thank you for your friendship too and for being such a wonderful and thoughtful inspiration — a great teacher of course too! Words barely do justice!”


“I enjoyed it immensely. Thanks so much!”


“Thank you, Sue! I appreciate it. It was a very good day birding…”


“Thanks so much as usual Sue! That was a nice time and it was a real pleasure…”


“I always love going birding with you, and Cheryl is now a huge fan. We both learned a lot Saturday and had fun doing it. You produced the hot chocolate at exactly the right moment. I needed the sugar.”


“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping to arrange such a splendid day for my family and me! We are still reeling about what we saw! We will be back.”


“Well, Merry Christmas to you and thanks for all of the wonderful programs this past year.”


“Oh, most excellent Sue. And here are the photos of the moment. They’ll talk about this for years to come! Thank you so much!”


“I love reading your informational emails. Thanks and keep them coming.”


“Thank you for a highly informative article. I had no idea about their connection to flickers and Pileated Woodpeckers.”


“Thank you, Sue, for this wonderful fact filled post. I love ducks, and found your e-mail so enlightening. It gives me a new appreciation for this little, but mighty gem!”


“I read your post and want to thank you for explaining sea foam. We are so fortunate to have naturalists like you to include cool facts along with the bird sightings. Take care, friend.”


“Thank you ! It was another wonderful walk with you!”


“My sister and I thoroughly enjoyed our session with you and learned so much.”


“Thank you Sue for a great walk!”


“…thanks again for a great time yesterday…we really enjoyed it and will hope to join you again in the near future.”


“Sue, Just wanted to say “Hello” and thank you for all you do to mentor the rest of us.”


“I had a great time yesterday and enjoyed your obvious wealth of knowledge. I particularly liked how you filled in information of food sources and tidbits like the sure footing of the Purple Sandpiper.”


“I so enjoy your particular mix of bird identification, behavior, and natural history. Seeing such a long list of birds for that day reminds me of what a rich day it truly was. Thank you.”


“I just wanted to personally thank you for that post. My wife & I are new birders (still nestlings as I like to say) and we appreciate so very much the information that others share. I have not yet seen a redpoll, but now I feel more prepared. Thank you again.”


“I want to give a public thank you to Sue McGrath for her wonderful stories/information that she contributes to Massbird. They do not go unappreciated. Her recent one on the Common Redpoll I particularly loved. Thank you Sue. You add a special element to Massbird. Without it, Massbird just wouldn’t be the same.”


“Love the sunset seasonal analysis, learned something new there.”


“Thank you, Sue. I loved the program – could not have asked for better weather or a better leader!


I appreciate the list. And thanks for solving the mystery of the plaintive yet demanding and incessant calling I heard for several months in “my” cemetery! I had myself mostly convinced it was a juvenile bald eagle. Ignorance is bliss. I will look forward to attending another one of your programs.”


“Thanks for your informative post on Redpolls. I hope to see some in the next month and get a few pics.”


“Thanks so much for sending the bird list! I had a great time and learned so much. I’m looking forward to birding with you again and doing some more exploring on Plum Island and other areas. Thanks for the class!”


“Boy, Sue is such a great teacher.”


“Delightful and insightful time in the field.”


“Great evening tour.”


“We so enjoyed your class; what an eye opener. Looking forward to your next one.”


“Superb! Thank you for your passion.”


“Wonderful, informative and fun. Just beautiful.”


“Delightful, thanks so much.”


“Entertaining and informative time in the field!”


“Wonderfully informative & entertaining!”


“Sue, was so nice birding with you as well. We’re always delighted with the new birds we see. The Sharp-shinned Hawk was also a wonderful look.”


“Thanks so much for your on-going efforts to shepherd this special colony of birds. There’s no doubt that the martin colony provides our visitors with a valuable and accessible watchable wildlife opportunity.”


“I enjoyed reading about your visit to the Brookside Sanctuary. I sounds like you had a very rewarding morning. Your account of the Osprey with the reddish-hued fish in its talons, possibly a Koi, reminded me of something. Every May 5th in Japan is “Boys’ Day”, and those families with sons display banners in the form of a koi. The banner is hollow with a rigid circle holding its mouth open, it is on a pole so it will turn into the wind, and when the wind strikes it, the banner appears to fly. This gives rise to the expression about Boys’ Day of “Koi Nobori”, or “flying koi”. If that Osprey did indeed have a koi in its talons, it gives “Koi Nobori” a whole new meaning.”


“Sue, a very interesting and informative… Thank you for sharing your experience.”


“Sue is knowledgeable, concerned for her participants and makes sure everyone saw the birds.”


“We eagerly await our next private tour with Newburyport Birders!”


“Sue has many pearls to share.”


“Thank you Sue. Words from all three boys ‘that was awesome!’ All three are returning with me on Thursday.”


“Managing a group takes special skills and Sue has them!”


“Our half day trip today was well-planned, fun, productive, and executed flawlessly. The refreshments were top quality and well presented!”


“Thank you Sue. Words from all three boys ‘that was awesome!’ All three are returning with me on Thursday. ”


“Sue, Thanks for the note! As you can imagine, I was thrilled to get a photo into NG. It was made even sweeter that it was something local and one of my favorite subjects!”


“Thanks much for your care of the martin colony and equally for keeping me up to date on all your fine work.”


“I greatly enjoyed your class this past weekend and you helped open my eyes further into a different outdoor area that I am a complete novice in. I am continually amazed at what incredible natural resources we all share right here in our own backyard of our local area and I am also continually impressed with the level of knowledge that exists amongst people like yourself! Not only was your class very informative, but most of all it left me wanting to learn more! Thank you! ”


“Thanks Sue for Mrs. Robertson’s essay “A Native Knows About Greenheads” and your summary of the nasty flying July fly.”


“You always have such interesting reflections to share. I love the image of haying by moon light.”


…”thank you for all the time you put into the newsletter. So informative!”


“We all had a great day with you – lots of neat birds/ducks and interesting information!”


“Thanks, Sue. What a delightful way to begin a dreary, rainy day.”


“Thank you for your efforts to keep the martin colonies vibrant.”


“I did so enjoy our time on Saturday and found it all very inspiring. Thanks again for a wonderful day.”


“Yes, I had a great time in the refuge with you on Saturday. Your passion and love for this area comes across loud and clear!”


“That is a remarkable discovery. Thank you for sharing.”


“You somehow sensed how special those bobolinks are to me — what a delightful poem! Thanks you so much for your thoughtfulness. Songbird Day was superb – far beyond my expectations, thanks to the relaxed and respectful delivery of your seemingly boundless knowledge of All Things Bird. Being a geologist by education, I’ve never really seen myself as becoming one of those crazy bird-list-types, but now I know that there is a whole other way of enjoying these lovely creatures. As soon as we can start blending in strange mating habits, the acid content of ants, mailing warblers in an envelope with a first class stamp, and poetry–well, you’ve got me hooked!”


“Wow! Thanks, Sue, for posting that. ”


“We thoroughly enjoyed walking with you yesterday and exploring the trail. Thank you for patiently answering all our questions and also for all the encouraging words. I look forward to another birding trip with you.”


“I had a good time and picked up some worthwhile tips. Thanks again for the info packet; there’s some great stuff in there. Hope to see you again sometime.”


“Thanks for all you do to promote birding in our beautiful area, Sue. ”


“Thank you!”


“I am very appreciative of the quality time that you gave us on Saturday. Thank you! It is always exciting learning new facts about birds and the natural world. FYI, this was my first visit to a banding station. Quite interesting! I also enjoyed very much the Purple Martin story. They’re beautiful! It is apparent that I am happiest when outside in the field observing nature. I will keep in touch!”


“Very nice, thanks. You have solved a decades-old casual wondering on my part – my mother, possibly from her mother, used to say the two refrain lines whenever I would talk about seeing a Bobolink. I especially remember this from childhood, perhaps when she heard one.”


“Sue was knowledgeable, friendly and created a good learning environment.”


“Our instructor was gifted at sharing her knowledge”


“I liked the level of participation. ”


“Knowledgeable instructor.”


“This course provided me with all the basics I’ll need to get started…”


“Your e-newsletter is terrific!”


“Great program!”


“Thanks for those Bald Eagles!”


“Thank you for being available on such short notice. We didn’t plan on stopping in Newburyport.”


“Very well presented class.”


“Sue was well prepared. She listened and stayed on subject.”


“Instructor facilitated beginners.”


“Great class yesterday. I enjoyed learning from you; you have a wealth of knowledge. I was disappointed we didn’t get to much time in the field. I plan on attending another one of your offerings in the near future.”


“Appreciate your writings, as always.”


“Sue, please know that your excellent work is deeply respected and broadly appreciated. Our exchanges have been very pleasant and consistent with your motto to observe, appreciate, and identify.”


“…a little group of them just bobbing in front of the Inn! Tom said, “there they are!” and we got the scope up and took a great look for quite a while. They looked terrific, both sexes. Thanks for giving us the good steer. ”


“Thanks and keep up your great reports.”


“Great program from start to finish today! Thanks for the assortment of refreshments.”


“That dark, hot chocolate & biscotti were perfect on that wintery day. Thanks for your kindness!”


“I loved your bonfire and generous celebration with beverages by the beach. ”


“It’s hard to say what’s best about Newburyport Birders’ outings – the birds, the guides, the places or the thought put into each program.”


“Thanks for the refreshments!” Newburyport Birders are also gracious.”


“Thanks for the great owl video!” “Sue to the rescue! I was wondering how long…”collective conscienceness” would take to make the acorn connection…”


“WOW! You provide lots of birding news, winter field trips & educational opportunities.”


“Newburyport Birders is heads above other local walks.”


“We often hire Sue privately for our time in the field. She’s shown us some of Essex County’s hidden jewels.”


“Sue, Happy New Year! I enjoy the newsletter so much — just wanted to say so again. The youtube on Snowy Owls was too beautiful to believe…”


“Thanks for all you do for us, and for the birds!”


“It has been a pleasure to work with you in my capacity as editor and I hope I may look forward to continuing to work with you in my new capacity as writer. You have done so much to make my job easier and to provide great birding coverage to our community . I send my heartfelt thanks to you , Sue ! ”


“I have enjoyed all of your programs this year…thank you for doing such a good job! Have a Merry Christmas!”


“Thank you!”


“Nice post”


“Mary was telling me she kept seeing the Rusty Blackbird listed in your columns which she had never heard of. Yesterday, she noticed an unusual blackbird at the suet feeder. Because of your column, she decided to take better look rather pass it off as a nondescript, female blackbird. Checking the bird book, she realized she had a Rusty Blackbird.”


“Thank you so much. That was great stuff. Hopefully, I will see you on Sunday.”


“This is beyond the call of duty. Or beyond the call of a Sandhill Crane! On New Year’s Eve, Sue! You’re a wonder. I thank you wholeheartedly… I will never forget how you took the time to send this tonight.”


“Nice write up, Sue!”


“We had a great time birding with you. Thank you so much for all the interesting “facts” you shared with us. It is always great to have additional information that you don’t find in the average field guide.”


“I enjoy receiving your newsletter.”


“Sue – thanks for leading the program and for forwarding the update – the session was definitely a highlight of my holiday weekend. There is something special about going out with a group of people who love to bird.”


“Thanks for continuing to send Joanne & I your “Newsletter”. It’s very informative & well put together.”


“Hi Sue, Thanks for the update – I loved it!”


“Sandy Point is wonderful! We lucked out with that tern and the weather! Thanks for being so patient with the new-to-birding folks in the group.”


“Bill and I had a great time yesterday.”


“Thank you again for a wonderful time. We both enjoyed ourselves and will certainly book it again. Wayne was very appreciative and thought it was the best gift ever.”


“Thank you for dropping off the gift certificate yesterday. I can’t tell you how much the board of the Newburyport Choral Society appreciates your gift.”


“I can’t thank you enough. You’re always so generous with your time & your expertise.”


“This is great! I really enjoyed reading it. Please keep me on your list! I don’t know when or how you find time to do all that you do!”


“WOW! It was a GREAT trip! Hope to see you in early in Sept.”


“Just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to birding. I really love it.”


“An outstanding experience, thanks so much!”


“Newburyport Birders’ people skills are unmatched.”


“Sue went out of her way to make sure that participant saw the birds.”


“It was a phenomenal experience.”


“A very good tour!” Every detail was considered in this private tour.”


“Our small group was very compatible. Paula & Sue were very congenial.”


“The best feature were the guides. Their knowledge & experience were extensive.”


“We had a great time! One highlight after another. Newburyport Birders take great care of their trip participants.”


“Newburyport Birders’ guides are indefatigable.”


“Sue has earned the reputation as a legend. She’s knowledgeable, shares great stories and is optimistic. She know bird behavior and can manage the group.”


“Newburyport Birders finds the birds and, more importantly, they made our trip fun. Birding as it should be!”


“Fantastic tour on Plum Island!”


“The guides were patient & knowledgeable. I like the trip very much and they were a joy to be out with.”


“Sue takes everything in stride having great senses – wonder and humor.”


“Energetic & hardworking guides! Our outing was simply outstanding!”


“They always make our good looks easy!”


“We appreciated the field skills. They can get you on the birds!”


“The leader can make or break the trip – Newburyport Birders’ leaders are as good as they get.”


“Just wanted to say that I thought this was a great Newsletter! I had really wanted to attend your Little River program since I’ve never been there but it didn’t quite work out…hopefully, another time.”


“Many thanks for all that you do! We had a GREAT time with you!”


“Lovely trip this morning – thanks so much!”


“Sue, That lemonade & watermelon allowed us bare the humid air. Thank you for your thoughtfulness!”


“Even though I don’t get up to your area very often, I wanted you to know how much I enjoy your newsletter. I always learn something new. Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge in such a well written format.”


“Many thanks for all that you do for Purple Martin colonies on the Plum Island. We had a GREAT time with you on Sunday night.”


“Thanks Sue! Had a blast with my visit last night. Thanks again on many levels!”


“Wow, we saw quite a few birds yesterday. It was such a nice, relaxing time – I am looking forward to the next one. Thank you for opening my eyes to another side of a beautiful world. :)”


“Was a fabulous morning… thank you so much for spending so much time with us…. I learn so much each time I am with you…. I feel as if I am in a class… hope you don’t mind all of my questions….”


“Thank you for providing snacks & beverages during our tour. It was a hot day, & you had just the right mix to keep us all refreshed.”


“Thank you very much for our birding trip today and sending me the poem. The bobolinks were very special.”


“Thank you so much for last night. Being on the island at night is always magical, despite the weather. Loved the whips and the bonus nighthawks.”


“Thanks so much for organizing that trip last night. It was fun to hear the Whips and Woodcock, and see the Nighthawks.”


“Thanks again for inviting me to join your group on Tuesday evening. It was fun to hear the whip-o-wills. The woodcocks and the nighthawks were welcome bonuses! To me the Refuge in the evening is an almost magical place.”


“Sue, Thank you for setting up our feeding station. We have our first hummer!!!”


“Our outing was fun, informative, birdy, & memorable. Thank you, Sue, for your kindness in guiding us!”


“Our experience with Newburyport Birders was excellent. You were patient with us and so knowledgeable. I liked the pace and your energy efficient route.”


“Thanks so much for the word about the Greater Scaup. They were right were they were supposed to be. They even sort of drifted close enough that I got a couple of shots. Not being much of a man of the coast, I was delighted to see the birds – the Greater Scaup is sort of rare for me. I got a shot of male Greater and Lesser together, and that really showed me all the differences. Of course there were a bunch of Common Eiders at the bridge over the river, as well as an assortment of other species including the usual Black and Mallard, goldeneye, Bufflehead, Red-Breasted mergs, and four Brant, and more. It was really, really fun…”


“Enjoyed the morning and look forward to more birding with you.”


“Thanks again for a great eagle day last Saturday! We had such a good time.”


“Had a great time…. And a few good laughs too… Sue, plan some more trips soon.”


“What lovely start to the New Year! Out in perfect, if unseasonable weather, with a congenial group and two experts identifying and sharing their knowledge. I particularly loved the long-tail duck and the beautiful male eider. Nice that the birds themselves were getting some respite from the severe weather of the past week. The solution of the mystery of the off-shore light and the delicious post-sunset firelight picnic were icing on the cake of a most pleasant afternoon.Many thanks to you and Paula and a joyful, peaceful, healthful 2011 to you both.”


“I just wanted to say “thank you” for the occasional essays you write about various birds. I always enjoy reading them and they are especially welcome when everyone else seems to just be sending in species lists.”


“I just wanted to thank you again and tell you what an entirely enjoyable afternoon I had with you and everyone who joined you on New Year’s Day in Salisbury. I am looking forward to continuing my birding “education” in the coming year and beyond. Thanks too for the use of the binoculars – they were really wonderful. I plan on having my own of the same the next time I see you. ”


“Thanks again for a really great birding trip on New Year’s Day. I think we lucked out on the weather and conditions in general. Learned a lot, as usual.”


“Neat! Thanks for the information write-up!”


“I was at Cape Ann last year and was fortunate enough to be on the bus with you and Jim. It was a memorable day even though it was bitter cold. I hope to be on your bus this year as well. Again, thank you…”


“Nice summary”


“I just read your musings on the “unseen rigging” of the drake merganser’s odd head-dip and raise dance. Thanks for sharing your prose. I’ve often wondered about the strain on their muscles and the hidden mechanisms that allow them to do that with such avidity, and then reflect on how birding is it’s own mechanism for me to harness my “muscles” of attention and awareness…now how to transfer that quality to the other things in my life!”


“Sue, thanks, that is a great write…”


“Your tip on Crane Beach proved to be fortuitous as the birds were good to me in June!”


“The Purple Martin article is just what I was looking for. And very well written. Thanks!”


“Thank you, Sue, for this informative and interpretive newsletter. May you continue to have wonderful adventures in 2011 and experience good health to enjoy them.”


“These stories and lessons from the birding and Natural History jaunts you take are enjoyable, educational and seasonable journal entries for both the experienced and novice naturalist to read…”


“Thanks for showing us that Bald Eagle; we never would have found it on our own! It was a great way to end our 2010 birding.”


“Sue, offering these environmental education opportunities to people of all ages is the key to effect widespread change.”


“I liked your Butterball essay .. I’m a 70 year old birder fairly new to it and realize that I spend more time looking for id marks and shape than actually observing what the bird is doing — your writing emphasizes the value of patient observation. Nice job!”


“Sue was very pleasant, knowledgeable and worked hard making sure we has a successful experience. Our in the field, catered picnic was very special.”


“Sue was wonderful! If you are a total newbie at birding or a professional ornithologist seeking a sighting on a particular species/family in the greater Newburyport, MA area, you needn’t look further than Newburyport Birders. Sue took us to a number of locations, spent hours with us, picked us up at our hotel, and really informed and educated us about bird sightings. It was totally enjoyable and a real adventure. She’s also very knowledgeable about shops, restaurants,lodging, parks, etc. If you love getting away to a truly seaside, scenic destination, want to explore Parker River National Wildlife Refuge and Plum Island, have never been to Newburyport and nearby Amesbury, then you must connect with Sue. She’ll make your visit truly memorable. She certainly did that for us.”


“Today’s trip well exceeded my expectations. I look forward to more outings with Newburyport Birders.”


“Newburyport Birders’ can get you on the birds! Their directions in the field are very precise!”


“Sue was tireless as we toured the Greater Newburyport area with her – it was very comfortable an a true pleasure.”


“It is a pleasure to observe birds with Newburyport Birders ~ they find what’s present and show them to all.”


“Thank you for catering to our parents’ whims with such grace. You tour was the highlight of their anniversary weekend.”


“Sue’s tours are fantastic!”


“Just a short note to thank both of you for the excellent “Bird Walk” on Labor Day. Both Joanne & I really enjoyed the walk. We have been coming to the Joppa Flats area for at least 8 to 10 years, & never knew that there was a right of way around the edge of the harbor area. Thanks so much for a GREAT day birding!”


“Again, you’ve worked hard for us! Thanks so much, we got good looks at every bird!”


“Thank you for the waterfowl ID guide.”


“We appreciate the time you took in planning our outing and considering our physical limitations.”


“We enjoy our time in the field. We never realized that the saltmarsh was hayed and now we know the name of the red plant is in the marsh.”


“Our family gathering was made more special with your tour of Plum Island. Thank you very much!”


“Sue, what a beautiful account. Thanks so much.”


“Thanks, by the way for your Bobolink letter of support the other week. I think the meeting with the con comm. Went OK and your letter was helpful. Supposedly they’ll help us supervise the mowing next year and keep the mayor and farmer in line. We’ll see… Much appreciate all your support.”


“I was grateful for your identification of the red plant I’ve seen at Plum Island every September. Now knowing what it was, I simply labeled it “Red Stuff” in my photo notebook! Here’s a photo I took of the glasswort near the Salt Pannes.”


“Thanks for being part of our wonderful Sunday morning!”


“Thanks so much for your program. I was inspired to take my National Geo… out (seeing your lovingly worn copy), and then Eddie and I went over some of the birds we saw. We really enjoyed you, Paula, and the birds!”


“Sue, Always enjoy reading your posts. Glasswort is delicious!! And beach plums are great too…but I’m sure you know that.”


“Thanks very much for the enjoyable and informative program yesterday morning. I can’t believe how many different birds we saw! So exciting. Please thank Paula too. We learned a great deal from both of you.”


“Thank you, looking forward to another birding program!!”


“Still love reading your postings Sue!”

“I really enjoyed both outings Ð thank you! And I also appreciate the articles you sent Ð very interesting and informative.”


“We really enjoyed it! Thanks so much.”


“Again, another enjoyable day of birding. I think what delighted me most today were the birding spots themselves, little gems, and the beautiful scenery we passed along the way – made even more so by the morning misty, overcast sky.”


“Sue, thank you for a very educational posting.”


“The article you wrote on nest parasitism was very informative.”


“Another first rate nature piece — full of great information and so well written. Keep them coming!”


“Sue-Thanks for the write up of Great Pond, where I spent summers when growing up, and where my love of nature began, Just your mention of the name Mesalonskee brought back great memories of overnight canoe trips and being awakened by a chorus of bird calls. Clearly, I gotta get back there.”


“Thank you, Sue, for this excellent and readable report on cowbirds.”


“Thanks again for a nice article.”


“I always appreciate your posts because they’re completely ornithological & thought-provoking essay.”


“You have been a great help!”


“Thanks Sue, very helpful and appreciated. We’re already getting excited again and looking forward to our visit.”


“Thanks for your help!”


“Paula is so nice to bird with!”


“I thoroughly enjoyed both the morning walk and the evening program. Many thanks for the wonderful dawn and dusk programs!”


“The bird world could use many more Sue McGraths.”


“Thanks again Sue for your speedy & comprehensive response.”


“Thanks again for your all your kind help, we throughly enjoyed birding with you on your home turf…”


“Thank you very much for all that you do – particularly with the Essex County Purple Martin project. Last nite was a “highlight” experience for Carol and me. We learned a great deal from you (and from watching the colony much more carefully than ever before).”


“Thanks so much for sending the pictures of the martins. May they grow and thrive! And thanks, too, for your efforts in caring for the martins.”


“I’ve really enjoyed the last 2 events and appreciate all the work you put into supporting our bird life and educating neophytes in the beauty of the world of birds.”


“Thanks for all your postings, I learn a lot from you.”


“You’re a genius! Excellent day with you!”


“Thanks so much for an informative, interesting and fun evening with the Purple Martins. I had never seen the nest, eggs or the young before. Thanks for all you do to keep them on Plum Island; I think Plum Island would be a poorer place without them.”


“Thanks for the unbelievably vivid photos!”


“We enjoyed birding with Paula & Sue very much!”


“Thank you sooooo much!”


“Thank you so much for your reports and pictures. Some day I will get up there and see them for myself!”


“Keep up the great work!”


“Paula is really quick at finding birds’ nests. We loved that Cedar Waxwing nest!”


“Thanks for the information. I’ll try to incorporate it into the field program at the Arnold Arboretum.”


“Thanks for all the info! That must have taken some time to put together…. very much appreciated.”


“Thank you very much… On a side-note, we both commented on how friendly and polite everyone was, not only while birding, but everywhere in the surrounding towns. Thanks again for directing us in your corner of the world.”


“Thanks for the nice birding walk, I enjoyed it & the full moon, as well.”


“Wow, what a peaceful evening birding with you!”


“It was an amazing evening! Teresa so enjoyed it and is looking forward to the next time.”


“Thanks so much, Sue! I really enjoyed the Mother’s Day walk.”


“I want to thank you for introducing me to two lovely gems today – Little River Trail and Oak Hill Cemetery.”


“Thanks, Sue, as always it was fun to be out with you yesterday.”


“Thank you for leading the walk tonight. I appreciate what you do for the fund raiser for the Breast Cancer Research. Thanks also for being a good teacher and leading these bird walks. That was my life Whip-poor-will although it was Heard only. Keep up the good work of sharing your love of birds and nature. Thank Paula as well for sharing those great looks at the Least Bittern.”


“I appreciate your summary of Essex County sightings.”


“I enjoyed the walk very much. You had asked me about what my favorite bird sighting was today. I originally answered the Rose-breasted Grosbeak. Upon reflection, I would have to say the Blue-winged Warbler sightings were a close second.”

“Thanks Sue! It was nice to meet you again and congrats on your business – what a wonderful thing to raise money for breast cancer.”


“Just wanted to thank you for a great program last evening….all five of us were thrilled and delighted!!!”


“Very much enjoyed the woodcock walk! Thank you!!”


“Your recent post about the plumes of Egrets & Herons was so appropriate.”


“Thanks, Sue. It is always very useful to remember what was happening back then. My wife and I just returned from Florida a few weeks ago. We visited Corkscrew and stopped by a site that used to serve as a campsite for the plume hunters.”


“We all very much enjoyed our time with you last Tuesday….thanks again!”


“Today was an exceptional tour! Your range and depth and energy are wonderful. I’ll definatly be birding with Newburyport Birders soon.”


“Again, thanks for a great birding event!”


“It was a delightful day in the field with flawless logostics. Amazing birds! An excellent overall experience.”


“The tour was top notch! Thank you for your knowledge & kind way.”


“It was a delightful walk. Thanks for making everyone feel welcome!”


“I always enjoy trying your bird quiz.”


“It’s nice that the Beverly Citizen is finally carrying your articles.”


“Great trip…got the snowy owl… excellent looks. Thanks for your help.”


“I enjoy your postings very much.”


“I just wanted you to know that one of your email recipients enjoys the puzzle challenges. Very original idea. A good challenge would be to see how many of these kinds of words we could come up with.”


“I enjoy being in the field with Newburyport Birders very much ~ you are so helpful and get me on the birds!”


“I want to thank you so very much for making this year’s Cape Ann Winter Birding Weekend such a success!”


“Thanks for a delightful program! We cannot say enough good things about Paula McFarland and Sue McGrath. They were wonderful at hearing and finding birds. We appreciate that they were sensitive to our individual needs.”


“I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the fabulous job you did shepherding your group around Cape Ann during the Birding Weekend. Thanks again for making the Cape Ann Winter Birding Weekend such a class act.””


“Your observations are always a pleasure to read, thank you.”


“Sue, that relationship is one of my favorites to teach people when they begin to learn about the birds around us. The relationship between the flicker and the bufflehead intrigues young and old bird-lovers alike.”


“I wanted to thank you once again for a wonderful afternoon at Plum Island. I could not have asked for a better outing. I saw so much I had never seen/noticed before, plus the weather was so great for mid-January.”


“Just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful walk on Saturday…Jim and I so very much enjoyed ourselves!!! Everything was perfect!!!! Including the hot chocolate after!!!”


“Thank you for all your updates and locations where you see our avian friends.”


“What a fantastic birdwatching day!”


“I just wanted to thank you again for another great day birding. Before this I really was not interested in ducks but now I am, it is amazing how different they look, and some quite cute like the merganser.”


“Again, thank you… It’s always a pleasure to be in your company!!”


“Just wanted to thank you for the program on Saturday – the perfect weather and a Peregrine Falcon & Bald Eagle!”


“I have my friends from New York who invited me to come along. Especially, a thanks to Sue McGrath… she is the best of the best when it comes to birders!”


“Thank you for your evocative and deeply informed comments! Indeed, I began birding last year with my 7 year-old, who has Sibley memorized but is currently under the spell of Harry Potter; I don’t have much of anything memorized, but some things are sticking in what time I have to bird, and the Hermit Thrushes really grabbed my interest. Really a lovely bird and–for me–a special find. I enjoy reading your reports from Plum Island.”


“Sue’s local expertise and her attention to detail make her trips outstanding. She has an unfailing concern for her participants’ comfort. Sue gets you on the birds.”


“Thank you, Sue. Your newsletters are a treasure.”


“Thank you, Sue! And congratulations on your amazing accomplishments.”


“Sue, it is always a pleasure reading your posts.”


“I still remember that as a new birder I joined a bird walk… Someone suggested I ride with them and as I was transferring my belongings to their car – I could not find my binoculars. I was so embarrassed ~ I didn’t have my binoculars. I asked if someone had any extras, and you graciously suggested I use yours. I was very impressed by your act of kindness, and throughout the trip, you made sure I got to see all the birds. So, thank you, Sue. It’s folks like you whom new birders encounter in the field who keep us birding.”


“That was a nice walk; thanks again.”


“Sue, thank you for the very informative post on Northern Gannets.”


“Thank you so much for a wonderful walk. The weather and scenery could not have been more beautiful. What a beautiful spot!”


“Congratulations, Sue! That WAS quite the outing!”


“It was very helpful and interesting.”


“Sue, thanks for the informative gannet posting.”


“Well, thank you for that explanation regarding screech owls and winter moths!”


“Our first morning we chose to do a bird-watching expedition with Sue McGrath of Newburyport Birders in the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge. Sue, who knows a great deal about birds in general, and everything about birds in the refuge was, without a doubt, the most entertaining bird-guide we have ever had. We were there early enough to catch the end of the songbird migration but too late for the Peregrine Falcons, who pass through, but nest elsewhere. Because the land is marshy and not forested, the birds are easy to spot and Sue knew just where to look. We stayed on well-marked lookout areas and used the tripod and binoculars she provided so we could observe the birds without disturbing them. Sue specializes in giving very special attention to a few people at a time…”


“We had a wonderful time. Thank you so much for such a great day. I could tell by your explanations that this a labor of love for you not just a job. June loved it! She said ‘it was the highlight of her trip’.”


“I enjoy reading your emails; especially the Purple Martin updates!”


“Sue, I have always enjoyed my times up your way, my encounters with you and your colleagues, and those interesting newsletters.”

“What a great outing, Sue!”


“Sue, I wanted to take a moment to tell you that I enjoy your postings and your newsletter. You’re a gifted teacher and share your knowledge in a gentle and such an interesting way. Thank you for all you do for the birding community!”


“I appreciate your website!”


“Great tour yesterday! I’m still wondering how you found that American Bittern for us… thank you!”


“Yesterday was very enjoyable.”


“Both Howard and I had a great time. Thanks again for the tour of Plum Island.”


“Sue, Nice post. It is written very well!”


“Nice story on the Chipping Sparrow – I love all your writeups.”


“Sue, that was a very nice summary of their habits.”


“The West Newbury field trip was really a delight, and it was so much fun to find new birding areas. This is such a great place for birdwatching. We are so blessed.”


“I really enjoy reading your writings.”


“Your article came out great and got some good reviews! Thanks again to you and Jock for your work on it and especially for your untiring monitoring of that nest over the last two years.”


“Thank you, Sue! I’ve enjoyed your educational posts.”


“Great post. VERY dense with information and emotionally moving at the same time.”


“Thank you; I had a great time last night.”


“You’re the best!”


“Love to read your posts and one of these days will get to N’port for one of your outings.”


“Very nice program you did for our scouts. They enjoyed being “bird detectives” on Plum Island with you so much. Some of them want to do it again!!”


“Great write up on Massbird!”


“Nice write-up about the Purple Martins!”


“…I saw your post about the martins today ~ you write so well for Massbird and the entire birding community…”


“You’re terrific about keeping tabs on all the birds in the area!”


“Thank you for the fine program you put together for my elderly parents. It has been the highlight of their visit this year. You have a nice way of sharing your passion with others.”


“Very nice article in “Bird Observer” on the Bald Eagles in the lower Merrimack River area.”


“We so enjoyed learning about the birds of the Newburyport area. You designed our evening program perfectly including the beverages, fruit and cheese as we watched the egrets arrive at their evening roost.”


“Thank you so much for showing me that owl at Great Bay NWR. Your kindness will be remembered for a long time!”


“Thanks for all you do.”


“Thanks again for last night….that was a memorable treat. We all really enjoyed it.”


“I had a wonderful time Friday evening, thank you!”


“Thanks again for your hospitality. It sure made for a great weekend!”


“We had a great evening with you on Plum Island.”


“Thanks so much ~ spectacular!”


“Sue, it is so wonderful that you devote countless hours to conservation biology activities in your community.”


“Thank you for the colorful summary and for guiding us today.”


“I very much enjoyed this outing despite being soaked to the gills!! Once again, your writing and summary are enjoyed and appreciated… You have a real gift for sharing your knowledge and then creating with words that experience. Thank you!!”


“Thank you to both you and Paula for a great evening of birding.”


“I often think of you and appreciate all your wonderful work.”


“I cannot even put it into words how wonderful a time I had on Sunday; I have not stopped talking about it since.”


“Sue, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.”


“Thank you for another terrific adventure. We loved the scenery. Those were areas we had not seen before, and they were magnificent… Thank you again and thank you to Paula. You both have great tolerance.”


“Always a pleasure with you, Sue; you are a fine teacher.”


“It was such a wonderful time, and I even saw a few, new birds! As always, it was very educational. I have such fond memories of birding with you and of Newburyport, and I can’t thank you enough for giving me these wonderful opportunities over the past few years.”


“Thanks very much, Sue; looking forward to more of your programs.”


“I really enjoyed your program on Saturday – a wonderful area to get acquainted with…”


“Sue – I love your updates to birdingonthenet!!”


“Just read your interesting outing of yesterday, sounds like a great day.”


“You are so eloquent in your approach to teaching…”


“I read your posts with interest, and I know you are actively involved as an educator.”


“As always, a fantastic read! Thanks for yesterday; it was a fabulous day.”


“Thank you, Sue, for a wonderful trip and this great recap. Matthew and I can’t wait to go on another adventure with you.”


“Sue – I wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed the outing this past Sunday. It was an awesome experience seeing Bald Eagles. I absolutely loved it. And thanks too for all the interesting information about the birds and the environment. I thoroughly enjoyed all of it.”


“Just had to say how great I think it is that you offered a Bald Eagle experience like that to the Esperanza girls….I’m sure it’s unique in their world, and who knows what life-long seeds are sown…..they were fortunate to experience your dedication to sharing the natural world!”


“I remain amazed with Sue’s vast knowledge of nature, her sense of humor and the enthusiasm for watching birds at any hour and in every weather condition possible. I learned so much from my time out in the field with her.”


“Great summary! Thank you so much for sending it. I will pass it along to the rest of the Raymond, NH crew…”


“We all had a great time! Thank you so much.”


“Wonderful report. As a fellow writer, I always enjoys your style… Good work!”


“A great time was had by all! Thanks so much for inviting the Esperanza crew and taking such good care of us. The pictures and information you presented to the girls were interesting and engaging. We would LOVE to come again.”


“Thank you for all you do to enrich the birding community.”


“Mentoring and guiding children comes easy to Sue. We appreciate her time and effort!”


“Thanks for sharing your knowledge in such a casual way…”


“Just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful session… I feel so lucky to have seen so much.”


“Thanks for a great afternoon.”


“It was nice to see the Bald Eagles on Tuesday. I’m so glad Bonnie and I went. Thank you for an enjoyable day.”


“Here’s an extra thank you from our CEO!”


“Great stories!”


“Thanks for the gift certificate to a future program. I did not expect that, it was so nice of you.”


“A great read, Sue! Bravo!”


“I love living vicariously – so thanks very much for your “reports”. They are so enjoyable.”


“Wow! Thank you, Sue. This sounds as though it was a terrific end to school vacation week. I am so appreciative of your on-going efforts and dedication to our kids – I can’t wait to check in with them about their experience.”


“Sue, thank you for another great adventure ~ from a manure pile to an eagle dive bombing a swimming deer, you’re my guide…”


“Thank you for the informative post on Razorbills, very interesting.”


“I am so very grateful to you for all you did to make this work so well! Newburyport Birders should be basking in our compliments!”


“Meant to thank you as well for the tips for finding harlequin ducks…we ventured to Gloucester/Rockport today, and it was perfect for waterfowl. We made our way onto the Granite Pier which provided an ideal vantage point, and there they were…right under our noses! The lighting was perfect, and water was as clear as I have ever seen it, allowing us to follow birds as they dove, swimming with their wings!”


“Thanks for your Razorbill profile ~ intriguing!”


“Nature is grand; thanks for a fun time.”


“Sue, Great write up! Thanks so much!”


“We had a wonderful time with you and everyone else! It was so exciting to see Bald Eagles only a few miles away from my hometown… Thanks again for a very nice time, and I’m sure we’ll see you again.”


“Real nice writeup of a very nice walk.”


“Very interesting write-up ~ I never new that female Razorbills were floozies!”


“Sue, thanks for your fascinating Bald Eagle Adventure posting – I’ve got to get in on one of your trips soon!”


“Thanks Sue. I truly enjoyed my time with you and the rest of the group yesterday. It’s definitely been too long since I have eagle watched with you; so I do hope to enjoy the outdoors with you again sometime relatively soon. I very much enjoy learning from you, and I really appreciate your wonderful descriptions. We did have some amazing things to look at, didn’t we?”


“You were so nice to try and get information for me. Thanks for all of the great guiding over the weekend.”


“Thanks again for a fun outing… both Jan and I talked about the things we learned as we drove home.”


“That is a very nicely written and informative bit on Razorbills. I enjoyed it.”


“Again, my thanks for the addition of this life bird!”


“These stories and lessons from birding and natural history jaunts you take are enjoyable, educational and seasonal… for both the experienced and novice naturalist…”


“Thank you, Sue; we had a great time; … really enjoyed it and are talking about more. We’re delighted. As always it was a treat!”


“I continue to enjoy reading your postings especially the recent one on the Razorbill.”


“Sue, It was very nice meeting you as well. I enjoyed the whole experience, meeting different people and learning about birds. You are very knowledgeable and the information you shared with us was very interesting. I love Plum Island and enjoy seeing the changes in landscape with our different seasons… thank you for making it a pleasant trip!”


“Sue—What a lovely description to wake up to! Made my day reading about your recent bird trip.”


“Our trip was wonderful. Thank you again, we really appreciated your ‘expertise’.”


“Sue, what a lovely essay. Thanks for sharing.”


“Thank you sooooooooo much for a wonderful day and that beautiful Long-eared Owl!!!”


“I selected Newburyport Birders because of the positive impression I had from a brief meeting with Sue. She’s energetic, shares knowledge well, congenial and generous. I’ll be in the field with Newburyport Birders going forward…”


“Seeing the American Bittern and that American Kestrel on Sunday were the highlight of my weekend. My special thanks to you and Paula!”


“I just love the relaxed pace of the Newburyport Birders’ programs. Sue is able to manage the group, show us the birds and share information in a casual and easy style. Thank you for all the programs you offer!”


“We loved seeing the White-winged and Surf Scoters. See you next weekend!”


“Thank you for the handouts!”


“I like that Newburyport Birders spend a significant amount of time in one location. I really like the slow-pace and tread lightly style.”


“The Arctic National Wildlife Program’s photography was stunning. I’ve never seen such wonderful images ever… Thanks, Sue”


“I’m amazed with all the wonderful programs offered by Newburyport Birders. Thanks so much for the program on the refuge in Alaska. It was just lovely!”


“I enjoyed our time on the island. Sue, I know you love birds and that habitat!”


“Sue, the students said, ’the trip to Parker River NWR was the best field trip ever.’ THANK YOU!!”


“Thanks so much for showing me that Snowy Owl today! My first ever and you were so kind to share the moment!”


“Clever of you to watch those Cave Swallows until they settled in their roost.”


“Although I haven’t joined you on one of your birding expeditions lately, I so look forward to your newsletters. Thanks!”


“Thanks for being so dependable and enthusiastic.”


“Thanks for conducting the program today. I thought you would cancel with only one person interested. Lucky me!”


“Wonderful is not the word… I just had an incredible day. Seeing that Snowy Owl and having an opportunity to photograph was awesome!! Thank you for taking the time to ’show’ us the birds of Plum Island. Everyone very much appreciates your kindness! ”


“Great Program, Sue! Nice we were able to see the Bald Eagles thanks to you. Well done.”


“…we all were fascinated by the superb presentation by the Wilsons. A totally awesome Arctic slide adventure by two, brave, modern explorer/photographers…”


“Sue, I met a woman at a party who said your birding class awhile ago was ’extraordinarily good.’ Congratulations. You managed to engage her kids, and they have raved about it ever since.”


“I so enjoyed the Introduction to Birding class on Saturday.”


“Love your newsletter and Massbird postings!”


“Sue, Thank you for loaning those optics to me. I was upset that I misplaced mine between home and the hotel.”


“I appreciate your fair prices and quality programs. I really like the educational handouts you provide your participants. Sue, I’ll see you next time I’m in the area…”


“We enjoy reading your newsletter and enjoy all the walks that you sponsor. Thank you!”


“Thank you for showing us the best birding area in Essex County!”


“Nearly every week when I see my grandson he asks me if he can go up to Plum Island and bird with Newburyport Birders. He really likes Sue!”


“Today was the kind of trip that makes me glad I discovered Newburyport Birders’ guides. Thank you so much for you inclusive style.”


“Our children have been birding in many groups, but Newburyport Birders is tops by far.”


“Great trip! The setting was spectacular and our leader was excellent.”


“Sue – As always, I enjoyed reading your recent postings from Plum Island.”


“This was my first Newburyport Birders’ trip, and Sue and Paula have made me a lifetime participant. I plan on attending every program my schedule allows.”


“I’ve become addicted to birding with Sue. She’s a tremendous teacher ~ always well organized, cheerful, considerate and has an uncanny sense of where the birds are…”


“Hello Sue, We are still enjoying and learning so much from your great reports.”


“It was a joy to be in the field with Sue. She’s capable, polite and a truly, gifted birder.”


“Thanks for all of your wonderful essays on avian natural history.”


“I was on your tour with the First Parish Church last night… It was such a great time!”


“Sue, Nice post. Makes me want to get down there and brave the ’skeeters just to see the things you’ve mentioned.”


“Hi Sue- Nice website!”


“Our guide was so kind and knew our physical limitations on a hot and humid day. That watermelon, water and lemonade refreshed us for our walk back. Thank you!”


“Nice report, Sue, as always!”


“We found your style warm and welcoming. We’ve birded with other guides and felt uncomfortable with them. Thank you for being so inclusive.”


“Sue, Nice post. Thank you!”


“Sue, Thank you, as always, for these highly informative and beautifully written observations.”


“That was an excellent description of a beautiful bird and its nesting environment! I am fond of Brown Thrasher because it was my 17 year old son Jeremy’s 100th lifer…”


“Sue, thank you for sharing your time with us. Our trip was enhanced by your kindness and knowledge of Essex County.”


“What a delight to read; thank you!”


“We think Newburyport Birders’ birding style is the best.” Sue, Thanks again!”


“Sue, I loved your posting about the Cooper’s Hawk, Phoebes, and Fireflies. It was so much more interesting than just another list of birds or report of a rarity. Keep writing!”


“Thank you so much for your summary and for the lovely outing at the refuge; we all thoroughly enjoyed the setting and your educational presentation; we look forward to doing it again sometime…”


“Very interesting and nicely written, as always Sue!”


“Sue, Thanks for the quick and informative response.”


“Thanks for the very inspiring birding report!”


“We loved our evening together. Thank you again!”


“…Sue, I just have to tell how much I enjoyed your Nock Middle School program summary that I just read … ~ you are to be totally admired and appreciated for offering such an experience to the kids! Who knows how many seeds of inspiration you may have sown and sensitivities you may have sparked! f What a great effort on your part…does my heart good.”


“Newburyport Birders holds the highest standards in the field, and I’ve found no other company or organization as ethical. It’s all about the birds! Ethics start at the top of any organization.”


“Thanks – enjoyed your tale of the Cooper’s Hawks!”


“Sue, We did enjoy our outing Saturday. Jim and Ellen, our friends from New York, were especially pleased. Thanks very much.”


“In spite of the May chill, Alec and I really enjoyed our bird outing with Sue and are very excited about having seen the teal, the great horned owl and the woodcock! I still can’t believe how well camouflaged she is!”


“I hope those school children realize how lucky they are to have you come and teach them.”


“Thanks, Sue, I am thrilled. I love the bird report and always read it. Thanks for the great work.”


“Love your column and experiences with the kids…”


“WOW! The best guided tour I’ve ever been on. The guides were focused on geting everyone to see the birds. I appreciated the genuine concern for the participants and the knowledge shared by the guides regarding each species seen.”


“I’m really delighted to have finally been launched into birdwatching, and your class was the perfect vehicle for doing so. I really feel that I learned a lot in the relatively short time we spent over the weekend. Thanks a lot for the in-depth initiation.”


“I just want to thank you again for such a wonderful presentation yesterday. Everyone loved it! You are such an engaging and good-humored speaker. You made facts and distinctions so easy to remember by providing simple mental images, e.g., comparing hawks’ legs to pencils and pipe cleaners! 🙂 I think there are many people from the audience – including me! – who are now going to be looking at their environment much more closely, and also thinking more deeply about the resources they use…”


“It was a great time. You and Paula turned a very cold, tough morning into something very special for Bill and I. We will talk about what we experienced for quite some time.”


“I just wanted to say thank you for last night’s woodcock program. It was interesting, exciting and best of all, fun. I love that you shared your knowledge about more than just the woodcocks. The bonus bird, the owl was fantastic. I appreciate that you were willing to accommodate my friends; we all had a terrific time. I look forward to joining you in future events.”


“Thank you! I really enjoyed the outing – manure pile and all. I’m looking forward to the next one…”


“Once again, thanks very much for this great tip! Turned out to be one of those inspirational encounters with Nature.”


“Thank you Sue. I really enjoyed your class. It was not only very interesting and educational but a lot of fun too. It is fascinating to know that there are so many different birds around us at any given time. There will definitely be more birdwatching in my future!”


“Gleanings continues to be an informative, most enjoyable and exceptional publication! We’re fortunate that you and your contributors produce it and share it so generously.”


“A big thank you for leading this important and educational trip!”


“I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your informational and lyrical writings…”


“Nice write-up! We saw my first Harlequins in that same area. They’re such a joy to see!”


“Tom Ricardi’s presentation was great. Ashley loved seeing the birds close up. I think she liked the Turkey Vulture the best.”


“Tim and I wanted you to know what a great job we thought you did with the program. Tyler and the Amelias really enjoyed the adventure and NPS intern Jake got his first winter outing in New England. You did a terrific job interweaving facts and fun into the outing, while allowing participants to make meaningful contributions to the discovery process. Bravo and thanks!”


“Thanks so much for a wonderfully informative and lyrical description of your sightings. I always learn from them!”


“Sue, We’re so glad that we went yesterday, the program was terrific. We really enjoyed it. It was great to see you again.”


“We both had a great time and acted like a couple of awestruck kids during the presentation.”


“Thanks so much for an interesting program last Tuesday. I very much enjoyed the “take home” Bald Eagle too!”


“We so enjoyed your Bald Eagle Adventure last Thursday. It was just an upper the entire time.”


“Sue, The staff reported to me today that you led a very successful eagle program to some of our Pathways’ children yesterday. They were particularly surprised at which children really got into it – you just never know who it’s going to grab! They were also very complimentary about your knowledge and manner with the kids. Thanks so much for volunteering your time and expertise to make such a successful trip. The children and staff both loved it.”


“Sue, Beautiful entry. Love, teach and nurture the young, our future naturalists…”


“What good things you do!”


“Thanks for the eagle trip! We truly enjoyed it and look forward to taking other trips with you.”


“Thanks for a great day today with the Bald Eagles on the Merrimack!”


“Hi, Sue: Thanks for a very nice morning of birding at Plum Island. Seeing both owl species was a treat. You lead a good walk. Sorry I almost made off with your blanket. It would have been a production to get it back to you, so I’m mighty glad you remembered it. And thank you for the use of it. I was concerned about Sheila and was grateful to be able to offer it to her. I am enjoying your handouts…”


“Hi Sue: Thanks again for today’s program — we really enjoyed it!”


“I enjoy your informative posts and the species summaries you post from time to time.”


“Thanks for a great day, Sue! We both learned a great deal!”


“She had a GREAT time, is all inspired and planning to go on future programs!”


“Sue, Kudos again. Great piece. Excellent writing.”


“I enjoyed reading your redpoll post… Thank you!”


“Sue has the skills to build group cohesion.”


“We really enjoyed our time on Plum Island with Sue. Her warm tea and assortment of healthy snacks was a wonderful treat. Then, while sipping her tea she found a stunning Snowy Owl for us ~ it was more than we ever expected.”


“You do such wonderful trips and teach so many new (and not-so-new) birders!”


“A single encounter with Newburyport Birders at Pike’s Bridge Road made me choose them for a family reunion birding outing. Sue’s an exceptional leader…”


“I’ve heard so many special comments about Newburyport Birders’ quality tours. Today, I experienced it and every aspect of the trip was excellent.”


“Thanks for a morning of wonderful birding!”


“Sue did an outstanding job of explaining the natural history and teaching us about the behavior. She’s the best leader we’ve ever met.”


“Newburyport Birders is unsurpassed!”


“Sue has a generous spirit and a passion for birding. She manages her tours so graciously.”


“Sue infuses her programs with spirit and it’s a learning adventure.”


“What an excellent teaching tool and program idea! I have always had students look at heads as a prime ID factor, ducks, herons, warblers, shorebirds etc. but never an actual focused program. I hope you don’t mind if I borrow the concept…”


“Today was an exceptional learning experience.”


“Sue’s recent Focus On… series met my budget and sparked my interest.”


“Great summary of a nice trip, Sue. Thanks much for sharing.”


“Sue, what a wonderful walk this morning. Thank you for being so considerate of my mother.”


“You have the gift of narrative; thank you! I really enjoy your posts.”


“Sue, you’re a wonderful leader, very knowledgeable and have just the right tone.”


“The trip was fun and way beyond any expectations we had. Sue, thank you for being our Newburyport tour company of choice. We’ll be joining you often.”


“I always enjoy your posts. You obviously know and love birds, and you’re a fine writer.”


“Sue gives the best directions to where the bird is located ~ way better than Mapquest… She can get you to view a bird very quickly and easily!”


“Our out-of-town guests really enjoyed their time in the field with you. I’m confident that you’ll be guiding them again!”


“Our first morning we chose to do a bird-watching expedition with Sue of Newburyport Birders at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge. Sue, who knows a great deal about birds in the refuge, was without a doubt the most entertaining guide we have ever had. We were there early enough to catch the end of the songbird migration but too late for the Peregrine Falcons who pass through but nest elsewhere. Because the land is marshy and not forested, the birds are easy to spot, and Sue knew just where to look. We stayed on well-marked trails and observation areas. We used the spotting scope and binoculars she provided so we could observe the birds without disturbing them.”


“Sue’s love of birds comes through clearly… Her writing is engaging with her wonderful skill of blending the personal and the scientific as they reinforce each other.”


“Thanks so much for the summary. We had a great time and often spoke of it for the next few days after the visit. We all found you such good, responsive, sensitive company and well informed. We all appreciated your humor.”


“Sue, you’re an excellent writer!”


“Sue, The Gray Jay write up was most interesting. Thanks for sharing it with us!”


“Thanks for the great post! Most interesting reading”


“Another job well done. I especially enjoyed the article on kingfishers.”


“You are providing wonderful, educational opportunities for new and experienced birders.”


“A fascinating discussion… Thanks for helping to educate us on Gray Jays and so many other birds.”


“Nice post on the Gray Jay”


“Thank you for the e-mail summary of the exploration of the Great Marsh at the Parker River Wildlife Refuge… It was a most instructive review of a thoroughly enjoyable outing. Thanks, too, for directing us to promising birding sites here in West Newbury. We’re pleased to have met you. Perhaps there will be another opportunity to share your knowledge of the area’s natural life.”


“Enjoyed your posting on the Gray Jay; very interesting information!”


“Saturday’s program was great; thank you!”


“That was a great trip on Monday. I so enjoyed all the great birds – they looked especially beautiful against the gray skies, my favorite kind of day. I look forward to more outings.”


“Birding with you is always a learning experience for me and always such a joy!”


“Just a nice report. Wish I was there….”


“I LOVE your essay!!.”


“Thanks so much for all these wonderful details..”


“I wanted to say CONGRATS on your 6th anniversary….what a huge accomplishment to have created all the wonderful programs that touch peoples’ lives by connecting them so sensitively to the natural world!.”


“Thanks Sue – I love your summaries. They are wonderful!.”


“just a note to say, once again, how entertaining and informative I find your writings….”


“Thanks so much. Also, many thanks for your terrific report on the event. It was wonderfully descriptive..”


“…And I really appreciate reading the beautiful write ups of your adventures – I feel like I am almost there with you….”


“Your passion and expertise for birds and nature comes through in your presentation ~ very well done….”


“Oh, we both had such a good time!.”


“I have read with much pleasure your reports over 2007. You tell a wonderful story, a great gift you have. Your descriptions make me feel that I am traveling with you.”


“Sue, That’s a really nice essay. One of your best!”


“Thank You for all that you do to promote birding!!”


“Fabulous write-up! I really enjoyed reading it!”


“Sue, loved your article on Kingfishers ~ interesting, informative, and written with obvious loving feelings.”


“Nice job on the program last night, Sue. We enjoyed it very much. I am glad you have the flexibility and willingness to focus on those transient spots that may be temporary phenomena. The added materials you brought were very helpful.”


“I so enjoy reading all of your narrative posts. Today’s was just beautiful.. I love the imagery.. Makes me feel as if I, too, enjoyed a beautiful morning in Nottingham…”


“Thank you… We really enjoyed meeting and birding with you. It could not have been a more beautiful day! Thank you, again for adding to our knowledge and sharing that beautiful island with us.”


“…You’re an excellent teacher and I’m going to make every effort to make one of the programs in September!…”


“Thanks, Sue…with your vivid descriptions, I almost feel like I was right there with the group!”


“… we did enjoy the river cruise, and would definitely like to take another one in the future..”


“Thank you both for a fun day… We couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather. A glorious day for a field trip with good fellowship and a wealth of birding information..”


“Wonderful reading, Sue. You captured the spirit of our trip beautifully. I enjoyed the company very much–it is always a joy to me birding with like-minded folks..”


“Just wanted to thank you again for our great time yesterday on the Merrimack River ~ we all really enjoyed it ! You do a great program… Anyhow, thanks again for the memorable experience..”


“Thanks for the wonderful birding trip on the lake..”


“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your posts. They are entertaining and educational..”


“This was a wonderful write-up. I can just picture those hawks peering down at all the weird human goings-on!.”


“Many thanks again for coming to Harold Parker. I thoroughly enjoyed your walk, and found your style just right for this novice birder. It sounds as though you appreciated this beautiful forest as much as we appreciated having you..”


“I enjoy your reports very much. You and Doug Chickering add a literary flair…!.”


“The success of any outing depends on details and the leader. Our guide was excellent at taking care of the details . not only did she help us see birds, animals and plants, but she was attentive to each of us and our personal needs. Her knowledge, kindness and competence will be remembered for a long time..”


“Sue, Thank you for a delightful birdwatching experience. We did another birdwatching foray in Acadia National Park and our guide was nowhere as good as you.”


“Thank you for opening the “birding” world to me!”


“We had a great time. What a magical place!”


“Sue, Your reports are always colorful…”


“Thanks so much for your continued support of the Seacoast Chapter of NHA.”


“You’ve been doing wonderful things recently—I always read your posts and newsletter with great interest.”


“Thank you for volunteering your time to introduce us to such a lovely Refuge!”


“Sue, Harold & I thank you so much for the most enjoyable birding tour on Saturday and for your follow-up e-mail. As you know, we are frequent visitors to the Refuge and enjoy the birds and other wildlife we see there. That is a whole different experience, however, from being guided by a person with your breadth and depth of knowledge. In addition to seeing new birds, we learned so much about birds we’ve often seen but never fully appreciated. It was great fun.”


“This tour exceeded every tour we been on. Your regulars raved about other trips you have led. The professionalism, quality of the guide and the every detail of organization show that Newburyport Birders cares about quality.”


“One thing that makes Newburyport Birders so great is its leaders. They are skilled to “lead” and to help others learn to bird. Our trip was outstanding, and we’ll be joining you again real soon.”


“…thought your last newsletter [June 2007] was a particularly inspired one!”


“Sue, Once again, I enjoyed my outing this morning at Parker River…. Thanks for all the knowledge you share… have really planted the “birding seed” in me!! I will look forward to receiving your newsletters and seeing you again in the fall.”


“Sue… What a lovely morning! … what a special person you are to share your time and special places…”


“…we always enjoy our trips, you do such a wonderful job of explaining and sharing your knowledge with novices, and we are truly grateful…”


“Sue, … thanks for the experience itself–we really enjoyed ourselves and often speak of the mastery of your programs!”


“Your descriptive writing captures the magic of the experience quite nicely! Dave and I enjoyed ourselves very much and hope to come out again with you soon.”


“Thanks so much for this newsletter and the summary of last weekend’s class. The class was delightful; I think it’s a very effective format to do classroom followed by field work.”


“I enjoy reading your post on Massbird and think you are an excellent writer.”


“I’ve been meaning to write for some time to tell you how much I enjoy your birding reports. Composing them must take more time than dashing off lists; but I often learn something new about field marks, calls, postures, behaviors, habitat. Good work on these, Sue.”


“Nice write-up, Sue!”


“Sue, thanks for a great morning and all your patience with the young naturalist! Madeline really enjoyed her time. I appreciate your kindness; she loved looking through your scope! It was a great program, thanks again.”


“Thanks for the super trip report – beautifully written. Sue, you truly are a wealth of knowledge from birding to the life cycle of animals, to the health of the Merrimack River, to the local history…”


“Sue, I’ve been meaning to write for some time to tell you how much I enjoy your birding reports. Composing them must take more time than dashing off lists; but I often learn something new about field marks, calls, postures, behaviors and habitat. Good work on these!”


“Wow, Sue, this is great reading and a wonderful addition to Sunday’s experience! …thanks for the session and the summary. So well written!”


“Sue, you captivate your audience with your expertise and knowledge.”


“You wrote it up your trip so vividly I could picture what you saw and enjoyed it.”


“Gleanings continues to be an informative, most enjoyable, exceptional publication; we are fortunate that you and your contributors produce and share it so generously…”


“Sue,… I have enjoyed your occasional notes on winter sea birds this season. You write about them with knowledge but also with affection and I like that.”


“On Saturday, I never would have seen the adult Bald Eagle without your assistance. Then you put us on the four younger birds that looked just like the river’s bank to us. THANK YOU!”


“I so enjoyed reading about your wonderful day viewing Bald Eagles, thank you for sharing, I’m sorry I wasn’t there.”


“I just wanted to convey my appreciation for a delightful afternoon viewing our national symbol. I’ll never tire of watching such magnificent birds. Again, thank you for an enjoyable time.”


“Newburyport Birders does a nice job with the new-to-birding participants; we felt welcome. Not once did you present yourself as an elitest or in a condescending manner. Thank you, Sue, for your down-to-earth approach! You can relate to all levels of birders.”


“I certainly enjoy your nicely researched, well written and informative essays!”


“Thank you, we loved being out with you yesterday!”


“Eloquent prose…keep writing for us!”


“Thank you for the Bald Eagle tour. You’re amazing in spotting them!”


“I’m learning so much from your natural history essays. Thank you for sharing them with the birding community!”


“I appreciate the time you spent to show me that Barrow’s Goldeneye.”


“We loved seeing our first American Kestrel; it was right where you said it would be.”


“We really are grateful to Newburyport Birders for introducing us to the greater Newburyport area and all its natural history.”


“Sue, I find you to be an outstanding teacher, and your students relax and are motivated by your passion.”


“Sue brings creativity and passion to her work! Combine that with solid birding knowledge and outstanding interpersonal skills and all that makes her tours outstanding.”


“Love your newsletter!”


“Newburyport Birders does make the identification process simple for me. The time spent observing the birds does encourage us to appreciate them and their habitats.”


“Sue is a tireless administrator and passionate in the field. As a participant, I had an exciting time learning about birds with her.”


“We love your monthly newsletter. It’s the best email newletter we get because we learn from it. It is not just a mode to self promote. Thank you for sharing so much!”


“Sue, thanks for helping a novice [and perfect stranger] see a Snowy Owl for the first time! All I saw was ice.”


“Newburyport Birders was right on the mark; we found our American Bittern right where you said it would be.”


“You were so kind to share that Bald Eagle with us! We would never have seen it in that tree.”


“You are very informative and I love learning new things about the bird world.”


“Thank you for the informative Northern Saw-whet Owl Program. It was a fun night!”


“Sue, we appreciate Newburyport Birders’s newsletter “Gleanings” it is the best we receive. Informative, well-written and well designed.”


“Thanks so much for such an informative and fun walk. This was our first time learning such in depth information on some of the wildlife that we live with here in Newburyport/Plum Island.”


“Thanks so much for the great time my friends had with you this morning… Everyone came back very psyched and had a great time. I’m sure we now have some new bird people to sign up for events.”


“…thank you for the wonderful afternoon of learning!”


“I thought that your “delivery” of the background stories about the Refuge, the Island and its history, and the birds were really well done – and that’s from one that has heard them before.”


“I attended the birdwatching walk at Nelson Island…it was a great experience.”


“We enjoyed the Birding the Merimack River Cruise.”


“The Merrimack River Birding Cruise was a wonderful excursion! You reminded us all how scarce our natural resources are and how quickly they are disappearing to developers. I never need to be reminded about what a beautiful part of the country we are in…the trip upriver just reinforced it!.”


“The boys and girls learned all the basics of bird identification, the instructor was great with the students and they really enjoyed the way it was presented. Learning bird identification skills increased the children’s sense of wonder.”


“With Newburyport Birders, children learn the basics of birdwatching, to love and respect the environment.”


“I enjoy your newsletter very much; thank you!”


“Thank you, your newsletters are great!”


“Sue, thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge.”


Kudos for Introduction to Birdwatching at Alfalfa Farm”


“The instructor was excellent. Her personality and manner of presentation made it very enjoyable! I would definitely recommend this to people! It’s not to be missed.”


“The instructor’s knowledge is vast.”


“Despite the rain it was great!”


“Excellent instructor.”


“Gained basic knowledge for birdwatching from a passionate instructor.”


“Sue, thanks so much for a wonderful afternoon! I love your tours and the time you take explaining everything. Quality is first and foremost…”


“Our guide [Sue] was a great asset – her experience, knowledge and humor added to our trip immensely.”


“We can’t speak highly enough of Sue; she was so generous with her knowledge and imparted it with enthusiasm and made it a fun day trip…”


“What sets Newburyport Birders apart from the rest is the careful attention to detail and to their clients’ comfort…”


“Sue, thanks for an exciting tour; we’ll be back in the field with Newburyport Birders on our next visit…”


“Thank you again for the wonderful birdwatching tour at Plum Island… We both had a wonderful time as we learned a great deal about birds and their surrounding environment.”


“Thanks again for the great tour, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing you again…”


“Sue, thanks for the outstanding tour at Plum Island! You got me on that bird!”


“Sue, …thank you very much for the excellent guided tour of the Refuge you gave last Thursday night for my brother, Jim from Milwaukee, my sister, Joyce from central Illinois, and myself. It was definitely a highlight of the weekend…”


“Sue, congratulations on your election to Nuttall!”


“Sue’s leadership skills, her ability to get participants focused and her birding passion create an enthusiastic learning environment!”


“Thank you so much again for giving me the opportunity to attend such a great event. I loved the welcoming atmosphere you created…”


“Sue, you are a patient and knowlegeable teacher! Thank you for being so considerate of my needs.”


“I find I lose track of time and relax in the field thanks to Newburyport Birders!”


“Sue, I find that your pointers and pearls help me remember the birds, and I’m able to take what I’ve learned and apply it when I’m in the field without you.”


“Birdwatching with Newburyport Birders is all about details, and your programs are planned with great attention to detail. Thank you for Sunday’s outstanding program; the Bald Eagles were magnificent!”


“Thanks so much for a wonderful and informative day on Sunday.”


“I really enjoyed the outing – will be looking for more.”


“Sue,… Thanks again for a fun and informative afternoon.”


“Thank you for all you shared on the Bald Eagle Adventure we attended on Sunday!”


“Sue… thanks so much once again for your initiative on involving me with your program.”


“Thank you for a great morning; the Snowy Owls were a thrill. I really enjoyed being with someone who has such depth of knowledge of the birds, their “life-styles”, travel habits and general behavior.”


“Your newsletter is the best birding resource I receive!”


“Thanks for a GREAT outing yesterday!”


“I always look forward to “Gleanings”; thank you for keeping it coming.”


“Best wishes to Newburyport Birders. You have a very nice web site!”


“Thank you for outstanding looks at Bald Eagles and the Snowy Owl!”


“We enjoyed our time at Plum Island, thank you for the top-notch tour!”


“Sue, making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s what you’ve done for me with bird identification.”


“Thank you, Saturday’s program was informative.”


“Sue, thank you for the great photo of the saw-whet. We had such a good time seeing the birds and learning about the dedicated work going on there. Thanks for coordinating it.”


“We thought the program was great last night. Very informative, and what a thrill to see those little owls up close!”


“Thanks, we had a grand time…”


“Thank you! Your Waterfowl Program was superb; your extra effort showed in planning that route to maximize the species. Sue, it’s so clear that you love teaching us about the birds!”


“I thoroughly enjoyed your excursion!”


“Newburyport Birders really knows how to help me learn.”


“I’m an appreciative recipient of your newsletter for the last couple of years…Thanks so much for all your work on the newsletter. It truly is appreciated…”


“We both found your approach to shorebird ID quite helpful…”


“Paula was enthusiastic and so helpful in getting me on the birds…”


“It was a nice day; thank you!!”


“Congratulations on your fabulous organization and activities!!”


“We had a great time on the trip…as everyone seemed to…thanks so much…you always do a great job!!”


“Thank you for leading the trip yesterday. It was a glorious evening … your wealth of knowledge and willingness to share it is much appreciated.”


“Your shorebird session on Thursday evening was very good; thank you!”


“The Isles of Shoals Tern Trip was a very pleasant morning with a friendly group.”


“Very nice Shorebird presentation last night!”


“Lovely evening program, thank you!”


“Thanks for offering so many delightful, educational programs.”


“The Atlantic Puffin Program was terrific!”


“You provide a wonderful, wide-range of topics for us to learn about.”


“I so look forward to your monthly newsletter, ‘Gleanings’.”


“Great newsletter!”


“Thank you for arranging such a special event-the Great Egret display was a treat!”


“Fantastic program, thank you!”


“Your newsletter is well organized and well written.”


“Thank you for the work that you do.”


“I received your June newsletter, and I am always impressed.”


“We really enjoyed the Kettle Island trip; the highlight was witnessing the ‘Great Egret display’. Thanks!”


“I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for your wonderful presentation [for the Timberlane Educators]. It was informative, well-prepared, and professional. You opened my eyes, mind, and heart to a previously unknown world.”


“Your identification skills, knowledge of natural history, enthusiasm and joy in the area’s treasures are much appreciated.”


“Thank you for a delightful, educational evening.”


“Thank you! We enjoyed your presentation at the Maine Audubon’s York County Chapter’s Meeting.”


“I look forward to your high quality, monthly newsletter!”


“The Woodcock Courtship Display Program was very educational. We loved that adventure!”


“Sue, you are an enthusiastic teacher! You make learning much fun and can excite us by knowing the birds’ routines and their natural history.”


“The quantity and quality of your efforts for birding conservation around here just takes my breath away!”


“We had an excellent birding experience with Newburyport Birders.”


“The program on Sunday was outstanding. Thank you!”


“We enjoyed exploring Plum Island on Sunday with you, thank you.”


“Sue, thank for finding the various birds in different habitats on Sunday.”


“Thanks again for a great trip.”


“We both had a great time.”


“The Arctic NWR Program was delightful!”


“We very much enjoyed viewing the live Snowy Owl and hearing its call.”


“Great day yesterday!”


“Great presentation, very professional; thanks again”


“Newburyport Birders Rule!”


“Your programs are always unique!”


“Thank you again for a great day of birding and for sharing your knowledge.”


“Thank you so much for such a productive day in the field!”


“Newburyport Birders is a great service to local people!”


“I receive your wonderful newsletter each month. Very nice!”


“I appreciate your slow style and that we spend time with each bird sighted. Reviewing their field marks and discussing their natural history and looking at the field guide encourages me to learn more and retain more, thanks!”


“I love what Newburyport Birders is doing! Introducing people to birding is the most important thing we can do to protect the future of birds.”


“Jean and I greatly enjoyed your last birding program on Plum Island.”


“Sue, thank you so much for such a great tour!”


“Newburyport Birders conduct programs in beautiful settings…”




“Sue is a wonderful instructor!”


“Newburyport Birders are excellent.”


“We had a great time on this cruise! Thanks for running the program. I will definitely be signing up for the Sept cruise!”


“We enjoyed it very much. It definitely opened my eyes to the wonder of the Parker Refuge.”


“Newburyport Birders provides superb educational programs that blend outstanding expertise, professional delivery and friendly personal interaction. You simply couldn’t do a better job!”


“This was my third Newburyport Birders’ experience, and they have all been excellent.”


“Thank you for the superb experience. It was productive beyond expectation.”


“Thanks for a great morning!! We learned a lot and hope to attend future programs!”


“You’re great and filling a niche in our birding community!”


“Today’s program was great.”


“My husband and I with some friends attended the raptor presentation. It was great!”


“You did an excellent job! Many thanks for providing a great educational opportunity.”


“THANK YOU SO MUCH for the super view of those spectacular Bald Eagles.”


“Thanks for a great woodcock program!”


“We enjoyed your illustrated talk at Audubon Society of New Hampshire’s Seacoast Chapter Meeting.”


“Nice informative newsletter you have!”


“Sue designs the programs, welcomes participants, is a gifted teacher with a warm personality, a keen eye and a sense of humor.  She’s incredibly generous with her time in the community, passionate about sharing her love for and knowledge of birds.”


“Sue brims with information and enthusiasm.  She delights in sharing the wonders and excitement of birds in their natural world with her participants.”


“Thanks Sue for these pictures and our excursion.  I will look forward to joining you again and learning so much from you.”


“Thanks, Sue.  I hope to meet you this Spring…  Your posts and write ups are wonderful to read.”


“I want to thank you again and tell you how much I enjoyed birding with you and your group of very experienced  birders.  It could not have been a nicer day and you were all gracious in being so helpful to me.  I would enjoy sharing another outing with you and I shall be in touch.”


“I so enjoyed our evening looking for woodcock and would like to join you for other programs.  Thank you…”


“Thanks for offering your walk last evening. I enjoyed the area and can see all of its potential through late spring. Thanks again for a lovely bird stroll…”


“Thank you for your great leads for birding in the West Newbury area. Look forward to birding with you in the near future.”


“Thank YOU, Sue. Were it not for your experience, we’d probably still be at Halibut trying to figure out which “arm” goes where.


“Great news about Salisbury – though I’m going to be jealous if they get birds and we don’t!”


“Thanks for a very enjoyable and productive morning yesterday.”


“Thanks so much – it was quite an afternoon and one I will remember even if I didn’t get the perfect eagle photo – it was amazing to see them. We will try to come for another walk sometime.”


“Thank you, I enjoyed the morning at the refuge. The marshes are lovely, and I always learn some wonderful details from you as well as seeing the birds. I’m glad to have had the chance to come. Thank you.”


“Your new update is as always, so nicely written. Thank you.” “I  just want to thank you for your fine article on Bufflehead: so interesting and informative – and imbued with your respect for and appreciation of nature! You were the guide on Plum Island for me and my family several years ago – fond memories!”


“Congratulations on a wonderful makeover – a very impressive and birder-friendly site. Hope to get down this Fall for an outing with you.”

“Thanks Sue for the very good walk, and the supplemental info!”

“So good to be out again with you yesterday and thanks for the tips on how to use my scope. We always enjoy and learn so much on your outings.”