March 10 – Cape Ann Winter Birding Boat Trip

March 10 – Cape Ann Winter Birding Boat Trip

Date: Saturday, March 10th
Time: 8:00am – noon
Meeting location: 7 Seas Whale Watch

Birdwatchers from New England and beyond flock to Cape Ann to participate the Winter Birding Boat Trip, aboard the Privateer IV, with 7 Seas Whale Watch. Saturday, March 10, 2018, from 8:00am – noon. Following the boat trip a room at the Gloucester House restaurant will be available for lunch and discussion of the trip. You may order off of the regular menu but lunch is not included in the price of the boat trip.

Cape Ann is known worldwide for its exciting concentrations of Winter Seabirds, and the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce is planning a morning at sea which will delight all levels of Birders. Expert Guides will help you identify the winter birds you will see. In doing the boat trip in March, we hope to see some of the early Spring migrant birds, such as Fulmars, and we hope to see some whales – Right and Humpback in particular!

We will be visiting one of New England’s most productive marine habitats: Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary. Stellwagen Bank is probably best known for its large concentrations of whales (Humpback and Finback) which attract tens-of-thousands of eager whale watchers. Even in Winter, many species of marine wildlife can be seen, and while this trip will focus primarily on the birds of Stellwagen Bank, the possibility certainly exists that we may see non-avian marine wildlife as well… including whales returning from the Caribbean!

This a special opportunity for bird lovers of all skill levels to join expert guides on a tour of one of New England’s most productive marine habitats at a time when most other passenger vessels have closed down for the year. The possibilities of what we might see on this winter boat trip are endless, but in the five years we have been running this trip we have seen:

Black-legged Kittiwake, Iceland gull, Glaucous Gull, Razorbill, Dovekie, Common Murre, Thick-billed Murre, Atlantic Puffin, Common Eider, King Eider, Long-tailed Duck, all three Scoter species, Northern Gannet, Bufflehead, Common Loon, Red-throated Loon, Horned Grebe, Red-necked Grebe, and Snowy Owl!

Fee: $75.00 per person. Space is limited so please sign up early!

For more information please call the Chamber office at 978-283-1601 and ask for Kerry.

Or visit the Chamber website at :